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19. ledna 2008 v 14:33 | Love.Halloween |  Frank Iero
Tady je něco z Frankova života, je to tak skvěle napsaný a vystihující, sice jenom v angličtině, ale lepší než většina biografíí v češtině:
The man in charge of the rhythmic guitar and background vocals was born with the complete name of Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr. on October 31st, 1981 under the sign of Scorpio in Belleville, New Jersey. He comes from an Italian family. Mother nature gave him hazel eyes and dark brown hair and he raises 5'5 feet from the floor. His grandfather and father are musicians, and her mother plays piano. As a child Frank tried playing drums and piano to please his parents but he hated both instruments. When he first had a guitar in his hands he knew it was his thing. At the beginning he learned to play with two strings, then with four and so on until he completely got the hang of it. The first song he played in front of anyone was Nirvana's Aneurysm, when he was twelve. He's been playing in bands since around that age, some of those being Hybrid, Sector 12, Pencey Prep and I Am A Graveyard. He was attending RutgersUniversity when opportunity called and he decided to drop out to join My Chemical Romance.
Injuries and health issues are directly related to Iero. His historial says: Three broken toes, four chipped teeth, lacerations to hands, knees and head, various contusions and bruises and Epstein-Barr virus. In January 2007 he was forced to be out of tour for around a month due to a sinus infection after getting his wisdom teeth pulled out. Frank's also known to have hurt his band mates on stage several times.
Frank Iero is not one to be satisfied with doing just one thing. That's why he has a side-project called Leathermouth, a band in which he's the vocalist. And that's not all. He also manages a record label, book publisher and clothing design company called Skeleton Crew.
And since it's always interesting to know... some preferences and facts: He's a vegetarian. He loves animals, especially dogs and has 4 of them. He's a tattoo-lover and is always getting new ones. His first one was a jack-o-lantern that he got on his 18th birthday. He used to have lip and nose rings and ear gauges but he took them all off. He's changed his hair style and color a lot of times. He's a Harry Potter fan. He also loves horror movies and Stephen King novels. Among his favorite movies could be named Nightmare Before Christmas, Rushmore and Texas chainsaw massacre. One of his dreams is to meet Tim Burton. His favorite guitars to play are Epiphone Les Paul. He had the habit of naming his guitars (Pansy, Bela, Texas, Sinatra, Angel, New, Jersey...). Pansy was the most famous one and though there are lots of versions about what happened to it, the truth is Frank broke it himself when he accidentally hit it against a huge MTV sign during a concert. Some of his favorite bands are The Bouncing Souls, American Nightmare, Black Flag and The Misfits. Besides his own, of course.
Frank is funny, friendly, hyperactive, talented, hard working and very fan-oriented. He always tries to make time to go out and meet fans after gigs. Those are some of the reasons that make it impossible not to love him!

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1 creepycute creepycute | 20. ledna 2008 v 1:45 | Reagovat

to je jeho uplne nej nej nejlepsi charakteristika...neni co dodat:)

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