!!!Gerard's first romance!!!

27. ledna 2008 v 19:36 | Love.Halloween |  Gerard Way
Tak tady Gee popisuje svojí první lásku. Jedno z mála interview co se týká jeho soukromí. Kopírujte jenom s NAŠIM ZDROJEM!!

Gerard's first kiss: "This shaped me and brutalized me for a good four years. My first romance I met this girl, um, Barbara, and uh, I was like, this fat kid and she was this cute chick. She was into really cool stuff, like she knew about all these really cool bands that I'd never heard of, like Archers of Loaf and stuff like that and--" Frank: "Whoa..." Gerard: "Yeah, and...I don't know, she was just--she was really rad and I totally fell in love with her and then, uh, she went on vacation to Greece and uh, you know, because of that she had to dump me 'cause she wanted to have fun while she was over there." Frank: *laughs* "Oh, hussy!" Mikey: "You gotta have fun when you're in Greece, man." Frank: *giggles* "Hussy!" Gerard: "It was brutal--" Mikey: "Straight up!" Gerard: "There was moments where I was on the floor pounding, just bawling, drunk..."
Describe your first kiss
"Gerard: Ok, I can do that pretty easily. I was 15 years old. I believe my best friend was in the front seat with a girl. I was in the back seat. I think we were waiting in a car for these two girls to get picked up. He was a little older than me, so he had a permit. I didn't know what to do. I hadn't kissed anybody, ever. Not even like playground type shit. She definitely initiated because I'm not an initiator. She just started sticking her tongue down my throat and I was like, "What the fuck is this?" At first, it was really gross, then I was like, "Alright. Well, I guess this is kind of cool." You never know what you're really like until you do it. Afterwards, I ended up obviously really being more into that sleezy, dirty type thing. Not a lot of people kiss like that. I was way into it. She wasn't the most attractive girl, but I wasn't really the most attractive guy."

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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WOW škoda že to není česky :-//

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já to pak někdy přeložím, protože tohle je docela podstatný si myslim:)

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